5 Must Have Apps to Propel your Instagram marketing efforts

Smartphone with cloud of application icons

There are countless smartphone applications available on the Apple App Store, and Google Play that can enhance the Instagram experience. Narrow it down to a few dozen, and you have yourself some apps that can seriously streamline and benefit your instagram marketing efforts. Whether it is to improve cooperative communication, or to handle and disperse your assets and media, The practical applications are truly endless.

But which apps are a must have for instagram and business? For me personally, over the last three years of Instagram marketing, these are the top 5 apps I have found to be the most useful and effective: 


Kik Messenger to communicate with other users. Highly effective for instagram marketing

Kik Messenger is the original way for Instagram users to communicate before DM came along. It’s still preferred over DMS due to the app allowing users to swap photos and copy / paste captions.


  • Kik / WhatsApp

    Kik messenger is a powerful and fast instant messaging app which allows for easy content swapping while doing mutual features. One user can send a photo and caption to another instagram page admin, and that admin can reciprocate and send his content and caption and they both post each other on their respective pages. This results in a cross promotional exchange, giving a mutual benefit to both parties. I find that the most commonly used messenger apps depend on what niche or region you’re operating in. Kik is more popular amongst the fitness niche and USA region, while What’sApp is more commonly found by influential users in the fashion niche and international region (especially Russia!)


The app Dropbox lets you sync photos, videos etc which greatly helps your instagram marketing

Dropbox lets your team sync media and assets across devices with cloud technology!

  • DropBox

    Everyone wants fresh content fast. Organize your content in folders that are synced across your devices with dropbox. This comes in handy when you’ve got a team of social media managers. Drop a photo or video in a folder and it will be distributed to any accounts or devices linked to that folder, instantly!


Use paypal to pay employees or admins of influential pages to increase your marketing efforts on instagram

Everyone takes PayPal. Pay admins of large pages to grow your online presence

  • PayPal

    Thanks to the company’s founder Elon Musk, PayPal has been the online payment method of choice since eBay first started becoming a household name. Everyone uses PayPal, especially Instagram marketers. Invest in Instagram promotions to build your page, or pay employees to manage multiple pages across your niche(s) to expedite the growth of your followers and your bottom line.


Google Drive to help instagram marketing

Powerful cloud based collaboration tool! Documents and Spreadsheets on the go!

  • Google Drive

    This app is a lot like dropbox, only it has the powerful range of document types that google drive offers. Track data on spreadsheets and collaborate with your marketing team in real-time, on the go!


Use your notepad app to format captions for instagram marketing

Every smartphone has a native notepad application!

  • Notepad (Device Native)

    All smartphones come with a notepad application, and it was probably your default reaction when you thought of apps to support instagram marketing. It’s worth mentioning that notepad can be used for far more than just saving information and  copying/pasting text. You can use the native iPhone notepad to format your captions before you enter them into instagram, or an IG Shoutout order form. See below for an example:

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