Selling shoutouts on your instagram page: A Best Practices guide

IGShoutout – Best Practices

Instagram is a community where people of the world can share life’s beautiful moments on the go. Staying true to your account’s content integrity is important. Your followers followed your account for a reason, if you post spam or content that does not match your account’s tone, it may make them feel more inclined to hit that big green “unfollow” button on your page.


  • Post high quality image submissions which don’t contain too much overlaid or spammy text
  • Limit the amount of paid posts per day. Mix it up and go days without posting anything paid or sponsored.
  • Post high quality image submissions which stay true to your account’s tone and niche.


  • Post low quality image submissions which contain contain material your followers wouldn’t enjoy

If you are following a fashion Instagram account, and they post a shoutout promotion that relates to hunting knives and accessories, you might be more inclined to unfollow than say, a shoutout for a teeth whitening product.


  • Leave the post on your page for AT LEAST the duration stated in the order details. You can track the remaining duration that the photo/video has to be uploaded to your page by visiting the order details page for that given order.